90% of your firm is the same as every other10% is distinctive.

Thirteen helps professional firms articulate, communicate & demonstrate what makes them distinctive.

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We haven’t uncovered what makes us distinctive.
We need to define a relevant, authentic & distinctive brand essence, positioning & business purpose.




We’ve articulated our story but we’re not telling it well enough.
We need to communicate more persuasively, in words & visually, what’s distinctive about our people & our business.




We’re communicating what makes us distinctive but we’re not demonstrating it in practice.
We need to understand the client journey better & deliver a distinctive client experience.



What’s your 10%?

Articulating what makes you distinctive means answering three questions: What do people know about you? What don’t people know? What should they know? Then you use that insight to create a brand that’s relevant, authentic and distinctive.

Using a straightforward mix of objective analysis & creativity, we’ll help you define your brand essence, positioning, business purpose & values. All in a way that’s totally RAD.

90% of your firm is the same as every other. 10% is distinctive. We’ll uncover your 10%.


Relevant + distinctive = persuasive.

Think of all the ways you tell the world your story. All the words and pictures. Everything you say needs to be consistent. You need your 10% to become more powerful than your 90%.

We’ll help you do this by focusing all your marketing communications on your brand essence & positioning. Your pitches, thought leadership, marketing materials & website.

We’ll also create a tone of voice to underpin everything you say and a visual identity that reflects the essence of what makes you distinctive.


Loyalty & advocacy.

It’s the experience clients and people have with you that ensures loyalty. What does it feel like to work with you? What do people remember about the experience? Does it feel the same as working with every other firm? How do you know?

We’ll help you understand the client journey and create a framework for delivering brilliant client experiences. We’ll also do the same for your people.

So when clients and people work with you they enjoy an experience that’s not just brilliant, but also distinctive. After all, why would you want to be the same as everyone else?


Big Ideas

Insight to help you build a more distinctive firm.

Quick Thinking

Shorter pieces to stimulate debate and discussion.



Frameworks and models to use every day.


Big Ideas.

Quick Thinking.



Articulate. Communicate. Demonstrate. In people.



Jerry Angrave.


Jerry’s one of Europe’s foremost leaders in delivering brilliant & distinctive client experiences.

He’s one of a small number of Certified Customer Experience Professionals. More than that, he’s one of an even smaller number of people authorised to train other practitioners for the accreditation. He’s held senior in-house roles in marketing and customer experience, working extensively in financial services, pharmaceuticals, travel & utilities.


Lee Grunnell.

Articulate + Communicate.

Lee works with all kinds of professional firms to articulate and communicate what makes them distinctive.

The former marketing director of three law firms, he’s seen first hand the ways firms are the same and the ways they’re different. Having spoken to hundreds of clients he understands how distinctive and persuasive they find the things firms say. He’s also worked with all kinds of partners to deliver mergers, rebrands and new strategy.

Ricky Oh.


Ricky’s spent the last 28 years working in advertising, design, music and filmmaking.

As well as more exotic clients he’s worked with leading law firms, big accountancy practices and other professional service organisations. Projects have ranged from the creation of a ground-breaking video installation, through identity design and general marketing to preparing bespoke tender documents.



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